1. Love Will Always Make You Cry (Piercy/Banks) 6:01
  2. Another World (Piercy/Banks) 3:38
  3. Satellite in Orbit (Piercy/Banks) 3:21
  4. Operator (Piercy/Banks) 3:56
  5. Little Sun, Little Rain (Piercy/Banks) 3:06
  6. Helpless (Banks) 2:08

Love Will Always Make You Cry

Recorded early 1980 just after Ivor had left the band. This therefore features Nick on drums and I think it is a great version! I love the fact that the playing is exuberant, we are clearly enjoying playing the song as indicated by the number of repeats at the end! The take is an early rehearsal take during the sessions that would lead to the first version of the 80-f album. We have left all the blips and blops at the beginning so shows how we start up and get into the groove before the song starts and the vocals come in. Would love to try and remember the variation I played in the first few bars!

Another World

This was one of the first songs to get written for 80-f along with the up tempo 1980-f instrumental. In fact the play on words of 1980-f was the title we were desperately trying to think of in 1979 for Timestar as the new decade approached. So we thought of it too late and I had the idea of the 80-f and for ages our press department at CBS never understood it!

Another World features classic Andy Piercy lyrics with their wonderful dual meaning - look deeper and you find a whole lot more! Quite moody and emotional this is an early rough mix from the 80-f recordings.

Satellite in Orbit

What can I say about this one! Thrash power popů.? Another rough mix of a song that wasn't to make it in the end. Listening now there are quite a few links lyrically that tie it to those early 80s. Nice change into the middle bridge section and some wicked use of the wonderful Yamaha CS-80 Ring Modulator controls (for the technies!).


How anachronistic this song is! Having spent time listening and checking through a lot of the ATF catalogue recently I generally feel our stuff is not dated. Operator, however, is an obvious exception. It is SO Buggles! This is a version we recorded in readiness for our 2nd CBS album and is clearly influenced buy the times. Interestingly this demo was only recorded weeks after Video Killed the Radio Star was released, but the influence is clear. Tony Mansfield was a massive Buggles fan and that influence can also be heard in the New Musik repetoire. I remember we spent ages recording the telephone itself, we didn't use a sound effect, then we altered the speed and recorded the telephone again to give a slightly different pitch. Nowadays it would just be a 10 minute job.

Little Sun, Little Rain

Recorded in Soho, London, seem to recall it was quite a small studio. This and Help! were recorded along with a load of songs that did make it onto Laser Love just before we signed to CBS and they paid for us to go and record a handful of songs. In 2 days we recorded about 15 songs and I remember them complaining they only wanted us to come up with 3 or 4! We were so practiced as a band we just turned in and recorded our live set songs from start to finish.

This song has always been a bit of a favourite with fans and band alike. Back in those days when you could only squeeze a certain time per side on vinyl it became the one that got away and was never released until now!


Clever eared folk will have realised this is the bridging instrumental break in our live performances of the Lennon McCartney classic, Help! We were restricted from using the full version with the vocal section as this was to be a special freebie Bonus CD. I called upon the skills of Peter J Dixon who created this Aggressive.Rhubarb edit for us in January 2005. Originally recorded in the same session as Little Sun and didn't make it past the selection committee.


  • Andy: Vocals, Bass
  • Peter: Keyboards, Backing Vox
  • John: Guitar, Backing Vox
  • Nick: Drums
  • Ivor: Drums (Little Sun, Helpless)

Tracks 1-4 recorded at Tooting Music Centre, 5 and 6 Denmark Street Studios, London.
Digitally remastered from original demo tapes at ICC Studios, Eastbourne by Mark Heaps.

Copyright 2005 RoughMix Limited and IQ Music Limited.