Christine Jenkins Music Studio

Recently Christine Jenkins, piano tutor extraordinaire and supporter of ATF from the early days, generously enabled us to acquire the Domain which was formerly registered to her. So if you stumbled across ATF whilst looking for Christine's website, please click here.

And a Big Thanks to Christine! x
Dagenham & Redbridge FC
Host to the 1999 gig and the Friends Reunion and second home to Peter Banks!
Datapartners - Web Hosting
We are grateful to Datapartners for providing all our web hosting needs.
National Society for Children and Family Contact
After The Fire applaud the NSCFC campaign and the
values they seek to consolidate with their Website.
(Contains photos and edited biography).
Greenbelt Festival
Host to the first ATF return to Greenbelt in 2004 and scene of some of ATF's most memorable performances.
Jonathon Watkins - band photos
Check out the BAND section and Media section to see Jonathon's photos of the band.
ATF tribute site
Check out lots of ATF song lyrics right here!
Falco - Official site
Official home for Falco, composer of Der Kommissar.